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Cerus Five Ways To Boost Your Workout Effectiveness

November 10, 2019 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

When you’re in the gym, every second counts. Often, people are training under limited time constraints and Cerus Clothing would recommend a smart approach to working out to maximise your workouts. This will lead your workout to become less of a chore, more enjoyable with rapid results.

Complex exercises, such as the bench press, deadlift and squat, hit multiple muscle groups and strengthen your core. These moves should be the foundation of your weekly routine. When performed regularly, these complex exercises will rev up your metabolism and strengthen every major muscle group. For increasing muscle size and overall strength, multi-complex movements are essential.

 Limit steady state cardio

To maximise your gains, go heavy in the gym and keep your cardio moderate. Too much cardio training can increase cortisol levels, causing muscle loss and slowing recovery. However, doesn’t mean you should abandon cardio altogether. Instead of racking up the miles on the treadmill, try sprint drills or high intensity workout classes which can burn fat for a longer period off time.

Reduce your rest time between sets

Raise the intensity of your workouts by cutting the rest period between sets. If you want to build muscle, keep your rest period under 120 seconds. Raising the intensity of your training will get your heart working overtime and spur muscle growth.


Supersets can be a fantastic way to gain instant results. Performing two exercises in a row without taking a break, are an effective way of increasing your workout intensity. For best results, train muscles in pairs, such as your front and rear deltoids, quadriceps and hamstrings or biceps and triceps. You can also go for a full body superset session. With supersets, you’ll get more done in less time and push your tired muscles to the limit.

 Get the edge

It’s been proven by that if you feel great while training you’re more likely to push yourself harder and for longer – a sure-fire way to feel great while you’re working out is by wearing Cerus innovative and stylish gym clothing for men and women. Our clothing is made for comfort and performance and will not let you down.

Get explosive

Plyometrics and other explosive movements such as burpees, jumping jacks and star jumps work wonders for the body. Performing these exercises will activate fast-twitch fibres, burn fat and speed up your metabolism. They can also help you target smaller muscle groups that are often neglected. An explosive workout routine may include exercises such as tuck jumps, box jumps, plyometric and jackknives.

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