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Cerus Tips for Your Morning Workouts

January 18, 2020 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

It’s that time of year straight when it takes every inch of energy just to get up in the morning. If you’re struggling to get the most out of your morning workouts, you’re not alone. But there are solutions and with the right planning, your morning workout can be energizing and set you off on the right step to attacking the day.

A good night sleep

Exercising in the morning gets your body into a good routine, gets your focused on the daily tasks and helps with a good night’s rest. A good night’s sleep will help you feeling alert, refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Planning is everything

The famous quote “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” true in most aspects of life but especially with your morning workout. The night before make sure your headphones, jogging bottoms and t-shirt are laid out for the morning. This way all you’ll need to do is have a quick caffeine fix and a splash of some cold water on your face then you’re good to go.

Say no to the snooze button

“Just five more minutes.”. Do you ever feel more refreshed after five minutes of additional sleep? Of course, not – you’re too paranoid about your alarm going off again and more often than not you feel worse. If you’re struggling to get out of bed when your alarm goes off, try going to bed 30 minutes earlier. 

Partner Up

Everyone knows that working out is more fun with a friend. In the mornings, you’ll be especially grateful for the company. A workout buddy will deter you from ducking out of your obligations when it’s cold outside and will help you in achieving your goals.

Wake up with Coffee

To get your day off to a flier with a black coffee. By time you arrive to the gym you’ll be raring to go.






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