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Cerus Five Tips to Squeezing Fitness Into a Busy Lifestyle

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Hands up if you have used ‘you’re too busy as an excuse to miss a day, possibly a week or even a month from training”. Time is a precious commodity and in this fast-paced world, we cannot find enough time to do the things that we love.

No matter how busy your lifestyle, there’s always time for fitness.

See Cerus tips to squeeze fitness into a busy lifestyle.

The early bird catches the worm

Make fitness the first thing that you do. Try fitting in ten minutes of exercise immediately after getting out of bed. A few curls, crunches or press-ups will do wonders for building good habits and keeping your mind focused for the daily tasks ahead.

Preparation is everything

Do the hard work the night before and pack your gym bag. If you have your gym kit with you, you’ll be far more likely to squeeze in a workout befor work, during you lunch or after work. provides a full range of fashionable gym wear designed for both performance and leisure.

Turn your commute into your workout

In reality not everyone can jog or cycle to work every day. Also, not every workplace is equipped with changing facilities or showers. However, if you’re unable to visit the gym after work, there’s nothing stopping you working up a sweat on the way home. Try parking a little further away or jump off the bus or train a few stops earlier, start jogging and release those endorphins.

Make exercise your job

Health is wealth and its time you started viewing exercise as important as your job. Exercise not only makes you feel better, but it has tremendous benefits for mental health whilst making you more productive in work.

Less is more

Sometimes less is more and you don’t need to stay in the gym for hours to make your workout productive.  When you only have a short window to workout, try exercise classes, sprint drills and HIT. These workouts will deliver all the benefits of a lengthy run and some sessions start and finish within 15 minutes.

To achieve your fitness goals consistently exercising is key. Whether at home, before or after workout you can always fit in time to workout.

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