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Cerus Seven Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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7 Tips to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals

Follow these tips to keep your motivation high and workouts fresh.

Set achievable goals

It is important to set challenging goals but break them down into small bitesize steps. Constantly achieve these small milestones and the bigger goal will fall into place

Turn up your music

Listening to music while working out can increase your endurance by up to 15% while keeping your workouts fun. Choose a motivational playlist beforehand to save time and start putting in the work.

Mix up your routine

A variation of cardio, weight training and an array of different styles will keep you focused for longer, remove any boredom and allow you to smash your goals quicker.

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Workout with friends

A great way to stay motivated is to workout with family, friends or partake in group exercise classes. One of the main benefits of this is to be surrounded yourself by other like-minded people who have similar goals to yourself. A training partner will push you harder and keep you on track during the inevitable challenges. Having someone to talk to can also make your workout fun.

Record your progress

Recording your progress is a fantastic way of keeping motivated while staying focused on your workout goals. It is easy to miss the improvements being made every time you exercise, however, there are ways which this can be monitored.

An old fashion notepad (or notes feature on a mobile phone) is a great way to record progress being made every time you workout. Our second recommendation is every gym goer best friend the camera. A weekly photo (take in the same location for consistency) is a brilliant way of recording your progress.

Listen to inspirational speakers

There will be times when you don’t feel like going to the gym (which is ok). But if you want to get into that positive mindset and keep moving towards your goals take advantage of Cerus online platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) which provides motivational quotes and YouTube which is full of motivational and fitness speakers.

Treat yourself

Succeeded in meeting your targets, hitting a personal best or just feel like a treat after a hard workout. DO IT, you deserve it! This can be drinks with your friends, meal out or a takeaway but always remember balance is everything.

Incorporate these tips into your lifestyle and you will have fun, stay motivated and smash your fitness goals.

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